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Pink Papaya products.

Pink Papaya I wanted to share with you the things that I have tried from this company. Botanical Pre-cleanse Normal to dry skin and one for combo skin! I had always wondered if you needed to cleanse your face twice. I had heard some say yes and some no. I went with no if you get all your makeup off. However, really, you can't get it completely clean without double cleansing. You need to remove the majority of the makeup with a pre cleaner of some sort, then go back and get every little bit of dirt and debris. Two cleansers and yes, exfoliate people!! Do you really want to go around with dead skin cells on your face? :0 I love the smell of this cleanser, but at first I wasn't sure I liked it. I tried it dry but it was so thick. Once I started adding a little water to my fingertips to massage it onto my face, I started to love it. It only takes a little bit and that's one of my favorite features of a product (long lasting = money saving!). This pre-cleanse really breaks down the oils and dirt for you. Try it, smell it, love it. Lip Gloss Love the color. I don't think it lasts as long as some glosses, but at least it's not sticky like some of them are. Blush-Bronzer due. I rarely use bronzer. Although I am getting better at contouring, so it may be more useful. This did save my life once! Okay, didn't really save my life, but it saved my face! I put on a way-too-light foundation and this bronzer helped me not look like a ghost! Good timing that I had it!! Pink Papaya is sold by individuals, like Avon or Mary Kay. Definitely want to try some of these on their best sellers page: I adore lip exfoliators!! Make sure you open and look through the catalog on the website! It gives you a lot more information!! - Kerrie

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Pink Papaya products. + love