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A Few Items I'd Like For Xmas,All Under $20 Bux

I don't really ever expect to get much on Christmas but this year I have a few things in mind that I could really use. I don't really get super hyped up over Christmas either, I think that will probably change once i pop a couple rug rats out lol.

I REALLY need this because I get sick of plucking the hairs on my chin... yeah i gots hair on my chin, like 6 measly strands that keep haunting me and it hurts when i tweeze them. It would be nice to have a smooth leg year round too, no man wants to rub against stubble when under the sheets with his lady lol. This baby is affordable too... $19.99 you can't beat that. I think every gal should have one if you don't already!

The TRAVALO. I've been wanting one of these for a minute now and i keep forgetting about it. For any woman that travels a lot you know that it can be kind of scary to carry your favorite perfume around. You have to wrap it real good then stuff it between your clothes so that the bottle doesn't break and even then sometimes it STILL breaks. This baby here is AWESOME!!! It's small so you can drop it in your purse or throw it in your luggage with no worries of it breaking or leaking. It's pretty simple to use too.

Speaking of perfume, my FAVORITE perfume is Brittney Spears "Midnight Fantasy". I've been out of it for about a month now and i only remember that i need another bottle of it every morning when i'm looking for something to spray on before i go to work. I totally looooveee sweet yummy candy smelling perfumes and when i wear this one i ALWAYS get asked by girls and guys "What scent are you wearing?". Ebay (my favorite site) has it for $19.99!

What about you gals? Anything special you're hoping for this year?

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A Few Items I'd Like For Xmas,All Under $20 Bux + life