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Cheers: To Making it Count.

I'm going to borrow an idea from a very dear friend and make 12 resolutions for 2012. Some serious, some silly -- because I am not capable of accomplishing 12 serious goals this year, and "to thine own self be true," and all that -- but I think it will be good to have 12 goals written down on proverbial paper.

Some of these are borrowed from my 101 in 1001 list (which is basically unchanged, accomplishment-wise, since my last update -- womp womp).

1. Eat more healthy, fresh food.
Kyle and I went grocery shopping today, along with half of the greater Pittsburgh metropolitan area, and we stocked up on lots of veggies and fruits. I made a delicious Tom Yum Koong soup for dinner, and we're planning to pack more lunches and cut down on the buffalo chicken dip dinners. I think we'll feel better, and with any luck we'll look better too -- which brings me to...

2. Lose 20 lbs.
I know, how unoriginal of me. This would be my pre-21st birthday weight (bordering on my skinny-mini high school days) and I would be so, so happy. Trust me, I am well aware that being thin does not equal being happy -- I know a lot of miserable skinny people -- nor do I confuse thin with beauty or self-worth or anything like that. This is a simple question of wanting to feel like I'm rocking my outfits. I would feel a lot more glamorous in my fur coats and slinky dresses if I were the healthiest version of myself.

3. Read more books.
I love love love reading, but I'm revisiting a lot of my old standbys right now and devoting more time to the internet/work than I used to -- I feel like I've fallen out of the habit of exploring new titles and authors. I'm not quantifying this goal, I'm just making it my mission to visit the library and try out new books a lot more often.

4. Take Bailey on more walks.
I am so lazy about this lately. It's dark when we leave for work and almost dark when we get home, so that's my excuse... but it's a lame one. Even just twice around the park after work would get us home before pitch-blackness, and she really loves to go walking (as do I, once I actually get out the door).

5. Volunteer.
Pittsburgh Food Bank or Jubilee Soup Kitchen. Do it. Seriously, just do, Carrie.

6. Attend Mass at least once a month.
Yep, still not there. This probably should have started yesterday, but my head was angry with me over my enjoyment of the previous night's punch, so I, um, slept in. Really late. As Scarlett always says, "tomorrow is another day." As Miss Stacey says to Anne, "with no mistakes in it... yet." I'm going next Sunday.

7. Do something with my hair.
See what I meant about silly goals? Be it the keratin treatment, or bangs, or even just some sort of haircut (rather than the standard "just trim as little as possible, please") -- something must be done.

8. Go to four really, really nice dinners this year.
That's one every three months. Two for our birthdays, one for our anniversary, and one for this big secret that I can't share just yet (no, I'm not pregnant, calm down). Hmm, it sounds like we should have some more wiggle room in there for an extra one or two... but no. These are the dinners where you order a really nice bottle of wine, and the filet, and dessert. The ones where they have cloth napkins and a sommelier and crystal. These dinenrs mean extravagant business, and we can't do extravagance on that scale every other month. Not if we want to...

9. Build our savings.
For a second car, or a new home -- I love my little house of dreams, but for the love of God, get me out of Mt. Washington -- or a Baby Stevenson (or all of the above, at one point or another, certainly not all this year). Change jar budgeting! Packed lunches! Mindful overpriced dinners! We can do it.

10. Donate clothes to Goodwill.
I haven't done this yet, because hopefully the weight loss goals work out and I can donate the two pairs of jeans I've allowed myself to purchase over the past few years, rather than the eight pairs of smaller jeans that sit forlornly in the dusty back corners of the closet. Oh, and 50% of my clothing, because I have entirely too much.

11. Try to stay more in the moment.
Yes, this is a kumbaya sort of goal... but I have no shame. I tend to overthink the future (this is an understatement). Like I previously admitted, I am a Type B personality, so my overthinking doesn't result in a whole lot of planning and action -- just worrying. And that's pointless. Everything has worked out well so far in my life, and every life has its ups and downs, so no amount of worrying is going to prevent or even control that. It might be contradictory to say "focus on today" in my list of resolutions for the entire year, but there you have it.

12. Take one (or two) truly awesome trip(s).
So we can't go back to the decadence that was Le Blanc Spa Resort in Mexico... that doesn't mean we can't still have a wonderful vacation (or two). I've been suggesting Las Vegas to celebrate Kyle turning the big 2-8 in March. I mentioned before that I want to do our first anniversary in Boston, NYC, or Williamsburg. Or Disney World, an idea Kyle suggested last week and I fully support. He also wants to do Dallas for the Cowboys/Steelers game next fall (raise your hand if you're surprised... no one?) My family usually goes to Hilton Head Island in late summer. As you see, we have a lot of options (by that I mean tough decisions, because Goal #9 will suffer if we try to do it all). So, one or two.

What are your goals for 2012?

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