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Gorgeous-Glamour update

Hello, just wanted to give you a quick update on my life and the future of Gorgeous-Glamour.

I always wanted to go to cosmetology school, but the timing, and quite frankly the money, weren't in the cards. Everything finally worked out and I was able to go. I chose Esthetician classes instead of Cosmo because I really wanted to learn about skin care. I figured that was the best way to help my business, and helping people take care of their skin sounded a lot better than standing on my feet highlighting someone’s hair for hours!!! I researched schools, emailed local salons to ask questions, and wrote down a list of reasons to and not to start. It was a long journey, some ups and downs. I hated going every day, but the schedule worked best for me; no weekends and I was able to keep my nanny job. So many times I had started college courses and dropped out, so I am so proud to say that I FINISHED!!!! There were plenty of good and bad days. I had an incredible teacher and some good friends. I will still have to take my State Lic. test to get my Lic., but I am not worried. I am confident I will pass.
My plans now are to continue to work at my nanny job, look for a PT job in esthetics and focus more on gorgeous-glamour and my blogs. I really haven't looked for clients this year with school, although I am lucky some found me! I am organizing myself to post once a week on both my blogs, wish me luck. I love to write but sometimes they do take quite a bit of time. I also plan on writing some children’s books about adoption, already have the ideas started. I will also try my hand at an online beauty related book. I plan on bringing you tons of product reviews, beauty tips, contests and so much more. So stay tuned!!!

I have always loved makeup, hair and all things beauty. I have enjoyed doing makeup and hair for friends most of my adult life and had decided to turn it into a business. I wish I had started it years earlier, and unfortunately have not had as much time since I have started to invest. It’s taken me a lot longer than I wanted and I wish my progression was further, but I won’t give up until I stop having fun or realize it just isn't in the cards. I love when I get comments from y’all about how I helped and the encouragement is what keeps me going. On a more personal note, besides my love of beauty, I needed a back-up career in case my business doesn't go in the direction that I want it to. I've always wanted to make money at it but believed the most important thing was to help people. So if the money doesn't become what I need, I can always help people through esthetics.

Also, my mom was very encouraging to me about my business before she passed away. In a way, I did it for her. Any time I felt like giving up school, I thought of her words and how she wanted my business to succeed. If I give up, I fail, but if I give it all I have can and it doesn't succeed, well, things just don't always work out, but at least I wasn't a failure. I did it for her. I hope she is proud and I wish she could have been at my graduation. I feel Gorgeous-Glamour has already made it because I know I have helped so many women feel beautiful and confident so don't get me wrong, but it hasn't reached the level that I want it to... YET!

If you are thinking of going to school and debating, don't delay… go, go, go. I am very glad I did and know that my future will be brighter for it.

Thank you so much to everyone who cheered me on!!!!


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Gorgeous-Glamour update + love