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My New Year's Goals And Such....

Yes like everyone else i have new year resolutions and some i have been working on since before the new year (#1 my diet). I am super focused and excited. Heres what i got so far....

Goal #1: MOVE TO HOUSTON,TX- Ahh yes as some of you may know i am itching to get the hec out of Memphis, Tn! I've know that i was not going to stay here just had to decide on a place to live. Houston was the choice for me because my family decided they wanted to move as well and Houston was the one place we could all agree on so come June 2012 we will be outta here! *throws up the deuces*

Goal #2: LOOSE THIS WEIGHT- Yeah, y'all know i've been dieting since i weighed myself back in September only to discover that i was a whopping 202lbs. Since then I have lost a substantial amount of weight and as of TODAY i am weighing in at 184lbs. My goal weight is 160-165 and I am currently back on it tough!!

Goal#3- EXERCISE DAILY- Yeah, the one thing i was doing daily that i stopped doing was exercising. I walked everyday and did Zumba. Now i am getting back to that PLUS i am adding the gym to that rotation. "Look out Serena Williams you bouts to get some body competition" lol

Goal #4- COLON CLEANSE- Now these may be a little personal but I really want to get a colon cleanse... like a REAL one. I have found a place and plan on going this month so i will blog about that when the time comes and tell you guys about the experience/results of it. I've heard people have lost up to 15lbs of waste by doing one(that would help a lot in my weight loss journey). If all goes well i plan on doing one yearly.

Goal #5- Grow MORE HAIR- Of course my hair goals are in my resolution, I want to be into my hair even more. I will start measuring my length and documenting the growth better. I plan on setting up little "seminars" on helping others go natural as well. I'm so proud of my hair and all the growth i have gotten that i want to help others get there. Makes me feel good :-)

What about you? Do any of you have any resloutins/goals you are working towards this year?


I've kick started my diet today with the Hollywood 2-day cleanse... wish me luck *sigh*

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My New Year's Goals And Such.... + weightloss and exercise