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Valentine Topiary Tutorial

I'm no pro at Topiaries that's for sure! This is just my little Valentine Craft. I used toothpicks because they are easy and fast (my kinda project), but you can always hot glue the rose petals if you prefer. Another reason I like the toothpicks is because these are actual little soaps for your hands, bath, or whatever you choose! I love that I can pull them off and drop them into the tub for a nice peaceful bath! A perfect gift for mom or grandma;o) I hope you enjoy it! If you make it, or have any questions feel free to comment~ I wanna hear!

What you need:

~Styrofoam Heart ( I got mine at Michaels)
~3 boxes of Rose Soap Petals ($1 bin at Michaels)
~Toothpicks (trim the top off of the side that you will push into the styrofoam heart)
~1 Styrofoam ball or any foam that will fit into the bucket as a base.
~Bucket ($1 bin at Michaels)
~Wooden skewer or dowel
~Hot glue gun (glue the styrofoam ball to the bottom of the bucket~ I used two for height)
~Filler of your choice (I used more petals, but I think Conversation Hearts would be SUPER cute)

My inspiration~ I made a few;o)

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Valentine Topiary Tutorial + Valentine