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How did I not know...

...about Polyvore before yesterday? I am obsessed with this website. Also, Pinterest. But that's a given.

Like I said to a friend, these websites take one of my favorite parts of wedding planning -- putting together "inspiration boards," clicking through photos of flowers and hairstyles and dresses and tablescapes, getting up to my elbows in beauty -- and opens this inspiration up for regular, everyday life.

Flowers. Houses. Dogs. Decorating. Clothes. I cannot get enough.

When I started truly enjoying Pinterest, I noticed all these "outfit pins" kept popping up. Outfits sort of spread out against a white backround. Pins that, to me, looked professionally done.

Like this:

black and brown

black and brown by gustinz featuring handle bags
Awesome, right?

First I started simply repinning these inspired outfits. Then, getting a little bolder, I clicked over to the linked website. And finally -- beat, my still heart -- I realized that regular people could create the fashion modge-podge that looked so professionally done. It was as easy as clicking through clothing categories and dragging and dropping the pieces that strike your fancy into a big white box (yes, we're very technical here).

If you want to get extra creative, you can resize and rotate. You can layer. You can build the outfits of your dreams (where they will most likely stay, because this stuff is mostly expensive).

But looking is free.


Weekend. by carrie-stevenson featuring a wrap bracelet
That one up above got picked up all over Pinterest (well, 300 times, which feels like MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF PUBLICITY to me).

Mixed metals.

Mixed metals. by carrie-stevenson featuring diamond jewelry
A slightly nicer looking version of what I wear to work almost every single day.

Perfect for Work.

Perfect for Work. by carrie-stevenson featuring genuine leather bags
A slightly nicer looking version of what I'd like to wear to work almost every single day once the weather cooperates.

Happy Friday!

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