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Hump Day Hair

Gage- "Pense Moi"

I was watching one of my all time favorite Zouk artist (Gage) on yesterday and i totally forgot how much i LOVED the chick in the pic above's hair! I instantly visualized my hair at that length and smiled. Looking at her hair made me instantly want to run to my nearest Target and grab a box of Clairol! Then i remembered that i can't color my hair since i use henna. No chemical can penetrate your hair shaft when you have henna on it, it must grow all the way out before you can start coloring again.

Gage- "Pardonne Moi" The girl in the above pic has gorgeous curls as well, i found myself rewinding to her just so i could stare at it a little bit longer. The thick,fullness of it is just lovely!

Here are the videos if you are interested in seeing the girls in action and listening to the sexy voice of Gage. Happy Hump Day!

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Hump Day Hair + zouk