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Comparing yourself to other people...

I wanted to share some thoughts with you about comparing yourself to other people. I was on a friends F acebook a week or so ago and there was a picture of a model and she was just about perfect as far as her looks go. It was a little sickening!! I couldn't help but didn't do much for my self-esteem. I think we all do that, compare ourselves to other people..Maybe they are prettier, have a better job, their life just seems better. Its a vicious cycle we put ourselves in. I am not sure why we even do it. We can't change anything by comparing ourselves. It just makes us feel bad about who we are....and the worse we feel about ourselves, the less likely we really are to make any changes we want to make (read more). that we can. I know girls, when we are trying to lose weight we put a picture up of a girl with a perfect body..but I've yet to know anyone that lost weight because of that stupid picture staring them in the face! I for one, do more good for myself in accomplishing goals (physically or life in general) when I am happy..maybe not fully content with how I look or what I want to achieve, but happiness brings motivation. Being depressed because I don't look a certain way just makes it worse, because then "why bother". Sure, I may feel a little motivated for a short time "I feel so bad, I should change" but that motivation is temporary unless it is quickly turned into, "I am feeling/doing great... got to keep it up". So, the comparing that I tend to do a lot and I am sure you do as well, it really just a waste of time! Instead of that, lets focus on the good things about ourselves and the WAY we are going to make the changes we see necessary.
Setting goals always helps me. Short and long term goals....If I only set long term, I can get discouraged waiting to meet these goals. I am sure you are probably the same way..we need to see the things we want becoming reality!! I have some suggestion below for ways to help us reach the goal of being happy with who we are and working towards the goals we want. The following are some things that help me:
1) Every day tell yourself you are beautiful, even when you don't feel it. Eventually, you see the real beauty you are and start focusing on the things you love about yourself.
2) Keep a journal. Writing down your thoughts (or typing!) helps you explore and understand your feelings. You will learn things about yourself you never knew as your mind starts thinking and you start bringing out the emotions inside. * If writing is not for you, try sitting outside and just distractions. Talk to God if your a believer and see what He has to tell you. Maybe a hobby or a walk around the block is the thing for you. Life is so busy, we don't take the time to sit and think about what we really want out of this life or to examine how we really feel about ourselves.
3) Even if you don't like to write, take the time to write a list of likes and dislikes about yourself..and the dislikes, make some notes about how you can change them and WHY you don't like it because you think other people wont or because you really don't....we are to worried about what other people think and what really counts the most, is how we feel. If we are not happy with ourselves then other peoples opinions wont make us feel better in the long run.
4) Exude confidence. It's amazing how much holding yourself up proud and your head up tall will do for you as a person and your outward appearance. When people see how confident you are, how proud you are to be you, they see someone that has something they want too. Confidence is beautiful on anyone!
We need to learn not to let other peoples opinions tell us how to feel about ourselves because everyone has a different opinion. You will drive yourself crazy trying to keep up. I happen to think one of the most outwardly beautiful women is Kim Kardashian..but how many of you reading this right now think she is ugly?!?!? See, every one's opinion is different. Also, how often do you see a person that's ugly on the inside that you think "but their so beautiful on the outside"..not too often as it changes your perception. I know my business is makeup, but it takes both sides to make a beautiful person! (outside appearance attractiveness can be a good smile, confident person, tries to looks their best etc.)
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder & that person's life that you think is so perfect, has just as many problems as yours done....I bet you wouldn't trade your problems for theirs!
I have heard many of people say "when I lose weight I will feel good about myself". True, You will feel somewhat better..who wouldn't?!?! But if we don't change our way of thinking NOW, then just because we lose weight (or whatever your struggling with) won't completely change your opinion of yourself. It comes from the inside out!! I struggle with self-image as most of you do too..but I follow these steps and more that I will share in future posts. I am a pretty confident person now as it is but I know as I continue to lose weight with my Weight Watchers program, I will feel even better about myself because I am already happy with who I am and I am making the changes that I feel I need to make....
Believe in yourself * Love yourself * Have confidence in yourself
* If you enjoyed reading this... comment below and tell us one thing that you ABSOLUTELY love about yourself..looks, personality, abilities....anything..can't wait to hear!

When you look better, you feel better, and that gives you more confidence, and confidence is key!
- Makeup Artist Jane Storm

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Comparing yourself to other people... + love