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Sping Perfume Shopping

So i've been doing some spring cleaning, getting rid of old junk mail, big baggy clothes(yay me), knick knacks and all of these old ass magazines. BEFORE i throw them out, i go through them once more to see if there is anything i want to rip out and save(don't act like y'all don't do that too lol). Magazines have some good skin & hair care tips, fashion inspirations, and PERFUME SAMPLES! A few of the perfumes i ripped out smelled really nice. I am a lover of scents that have either a sweet candy-isk scent or floral scents. I ripped out the ones i like so i can take them with me to smell at the department store this weekend.

You can tell which ones hardly get used lol

I've learned the hard way that i need to spray the scent on me and let it stay on my body the whole day. Everyone's body is different and scents tend to smell different once applied to your skin. What smells great on my bestie may smell hideous on me. I've wasted money in the past by just smelling a perfume on someone else then running out to buy it. I now spray it on,wait til the end of the day THEN go buy it if i still like the scent.

This one smells amazing and the bottle is beautiful!

J'Adore is a lovely scent,i want it!

Calvin Klein's Euphoria for women,apparently there are a few kinds. Decisions,decisons :-S

Romance by Ralph Lauren,such a fresh pretty smell. There is another one called "Summer Romance" that i'd like to smell 2!

What about you gals, whats YOUR favorite scent? Any suggestions on a scent you think I'd like?

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Sping Perfume Shopping + ralph lauren romance for her