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Jordana Mascara

I am so excited... Look what I tried and LOVED today...

I am all about products that work just as well as expensive but don't break your budget, however, I am picky with mascaras and never thought I would find one for this price that works so well. Jordana is the brand and it is fantastic!!! Even better is that it only cost me 2.99 @ Walgreens!!!

Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara

Even though Lancome is the best to me, it is always nice to have a cheaper alternative that comes close. Plus this is easier to run into Walgreens and grab! This mascara is super black too, and that makes your eyes pop. Make sure you comb and curl your lashes, and as always-use a primer.

You can read my blog here about exactly how I put on mascara ( a little different than your typical Makeup Artist applies it)
** Note- If you apply makeup to other people, this would be a great find because, to me, those disposables don't get the job done and you can buy this and just leave with them. A little "extra" for them for being your client.

Here are some other Mascara's I adore.

Lancome Hypnose Drama 26$ @ & Ulta
Real Colors Whip Lash Mascara 10$ @ Sally's Beauty Supply
Loreal Double Extend Around 10$ @ almost any drugstore (Primer on one end!)
Femme Couture Lightening Lash Mascara 10$ @ Sally's Beauty Supply
Note-The blue is awesome and works better than the black, so if I want to wear it black, I apply the blue and go over with any black mascara! )



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Jordana Mascara + love