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Lovely Beauty Box- Products I love- update!


Another post to let you know which products that I have received out of my "Lovely Beauty Box" that are my favorites. It's really hard to chose!!!

Zotos professional Hairtrition-

I really like this Shampoo and Conditioner. You know how certain products make your hair feel like silk the minute you put it on? This does that! I don't even have to use detangle spray after. Make sure you rinse your hair with very warm water, then apply conditioner. You need to really work it into the ends, and let it soak in for a few minutes. Then rinse with very cold water. This opens and closes the hair shaft allow for better penetration. Makes a big difference. I would definitely recommend these products.

Violet Jolie Eternal Beauty Face Cream and toning face cleanser

Love them both. They make my skin so soft! They have lasted a really long time, so I wouldn't mine paying more than I normally do for a product.

These are just my favorites right now. I am very impressed with the products that come in This subscription box. Worth the money for sure!

Make sure you check them out and get your own subscription today, You will be pleased!
P.S. There are more skin/hair products then makeup.

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Lovely Beauty Box- Products I love- update! + love