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Nail polish that doesn't chip!!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm not very nail savvy. I go through times where I take good care of them and they look good and I paint them... that's about it. Haven't tried too much of the fancy stuff.
I wish I was better at keeping up with them... I have a blog posted here sharing how to, but alas, I fail...
I have found a polish that actually last and doesn't chip for about a week! I couldn't believe it..I know there are more out there that do on some people but I constantly wash my hands. I have never found a nail polish has ever lasted close to a week on me... that I can recall.
It's Revlon Colorstay and it does stay! It goes on smoothly too and the two colors I have are GORGEOUS. Don't forget a top coat!

Here are the two I have so far:

Costal Surf

Passionate Pink

Watch for a buy one get one 50% at CVS or Walgreens, or look for sales where you shop. If you don't like it, most drugstores let you return, check with yours and see. Hope this helps you cut down on the time and therefore have your nails looking great more often!
Here's the blog about helping your nails grow:!/2012/02/nail-it-everytime-nails-in-hurry.html


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Nail polish that doesn't chip!! + glam