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SinfulColors Nail Polish-Great summer colors!

A blog I love had a terrific prize for a contest that sadly I didn't win. However, through a friend I learned that these nail polishes were currently 99.cents @ Walgreens! I picked some of them up today and wanted to show you how pretty they are!!!

Here are the names: * Neon Melon- Took 3 coats and was still a little streaky. I haven't tried white under. Shiny finish * 24/7 Beautiful perfect pink. Matte Finish * Summer Peach. Awesome orange for Summer. Matte finish * Irish Green. Took 3 coats to not be too sheer. Shiny finish * Pink. A little darker than 24/7. Matte finish * Dream on GORGEOUS!!! Matte finish * Daddy's girl. Purple-Sparkly-Shiny-PERFECTION! I had to get because I am a daddy's girl! I am not all about doing my nails. I have never done anything to fancy and as you can see, they aren't anything special. I do have occasions where they look fantastic and if I actually make the time to follow my steps given, they would grow. Here's the tips- I do love bright colors for summer so I can't wait to wear these all. I am not brave enough to wear a different color on each finger, this is to show you an example :p If any of you pick these up, let's see some pics on

Here is Daddy's Girl & Dream on
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SinfulColors Nail Polish-Great summer colors! + love