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Thrift Store Shopping

I was in the mood for some Thrift store shopping today, I haven't been in a few weeks so I decided to drop by and see what I could find. I came out with a big smile on my face because I was sssooo excited with the things I found. I got 2 new blazers to add to my collection, a peach colored maxi dress, 3 red belts (hey don't judge me, they're 3 different styles lol), a blue vintage Liz Claiborne clutch, and a pretty summer scarf. Check out the pic below:

ALSO, I went to T.J Maxx on Friday and went a little crazy! I bought a few spring dresses and a couple of tops. What can I say... I'm a "Maxxanista" hehe

I will show them off as i wear them :-)

Special shot out to one of my CLOSEST girlies since high school Veronica. We had a birthday dinner at this place here in Memphis called Happy Mexican. It was great seeing her and all my girlies together in one place :-)

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Thrift Store Shopping + thrifted treasures