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My tips for growing long hair

I constantly see posts of women asking "I want to grow my hair out, but how" So, I thought I would share with you my tips I used to grow mine so long.

1) The most important thing you can do is get regular trims. I know you don't want to cut the length, but getting rid of just those dead ends, will promote growth and keep you from having to cut a bunch off at one time!

2) Brush your hair at night, they say 100 strokes..I just brushed mine a few minutes. Start at your scalp, giving it a little massage and of course, brush down.

3) Horse and Mane conditioner from Sallys (I only used the conditioner) I used this while growing mine out and it does promote healthy hair. It wont in itself grow your hair out but it does stimulate the scalp, which in turn causes healthy growth. This is just from experience.

4) VITAMINS!! I take a prenatal but there are lots of good ones out there to choose from, a good multivitamin will do your body good!

Try very hard not to put your hair up or brush your hair while wet. Doing so can cause damage. Gently comb thru ( a detangler from the dollar store is a miracle!) and if you need to put your hair up, use a scrunchy or something that wont pull.

Barbie black hair

Alright, that's my advice. I am posting a picture of my sisters hair as hers is gorgeous, shiny and one of my favorite pics.

Products I love:

Proclaim Pink Glossing Polish 8 bucks @ Sallys
(use your discount card and save!) They have a shine spray as well and this works just as well as expensive products to me. Plus, it last FOREVER. Have you seen how thick my hair is?!?!?! And all I need is a tiny bit...

Breck kids hair detangler.
A dollar at dollartree and awesome!

Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-In Conditioner by Garnier

Hope this advice works for you my friends,


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My tips for growing long hair + style