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At Barbie's doll has appeared personal Fiat 500

Car for Barbie

Company Fiat in honour of 50-year-old anniversary of a doll of "Barbie" has developed together with the manufacturer of this doll, firm Mattel, the special version of hatchback Fiat 500.

This car painted in is bright-pink colour, became the official car on which "Barbies" and "Ken" have arrived on an anniversary celebration on March, 9th in Milan.

The car for Barbie

Fiat 500 for Barbie differs original colouring of a body, pink seats and an insert on a front panel of the same colour, and also an abundance of crystals by which the body of the car and its interior is decorated — they can be met on a steering wheel, round the check point lever, on ventilation system. The emblem "500" located on the panel before the front passenger is made of crystals even.

About prospects of a batch production of similar version Fiat 500 while it is not known. However it is necessary to remind that to buyers of this model and so 15 variants of registration of an interior, 12 colours of colouring of a body, 9 variants of wheel disks, 19 labels on a body and set of additional accessories are accessible.

Interior Fiat

Barbie car

Glamour Fiat 500

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