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Brazil has forbidden import of toys Mattel

The government of Brazil has forbidden import on territory of the country of the goods of the largest manufacturer of toys in the USA to company Mattel.
About it reports AP.

The interdiction for import of toys is caused by mass responses of goods Mattel on all to the world. In millions the toys made by request of the American company in China, the raised maintenance of the lead which is hazardous to health of children was revealed.

Return will not concern only the most well-known toy Mattel — Barbie.

In the Brazilian unit Mattel remained are dissatisfied with the government decision. According to the representative of this company, the effect from an interdiction can strongly affect sales of toys.

Mattel within last two months three times declared a response of the toys. In Brazil have been withdrawn 850,000 toys.

In Brazil Barbies are allowed only

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