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Barbie's doll have allowed to parody

Barbie Girl

Barbie's world renowned doll can be parodied, as the parody is the integral attribute of work and the general activity of any known character.

Such decision, agrees to the data of broadcasting company BBC, has accepted the American court under the claim of manufacturers of the well-known doll to the Danish pop group Aqua which in 1997 has let out song Barbie Girl.

In the song and in the removed videoclip the soloist of group in the excentric form represents Barbie, and the second participant of group of its friend Ken. Manufacturers assert that use of an image of Barbie breaks the law on the copyright, and the parody image harms to image of the doll.

Barbies recognised as a culture symbol

However judge Alex Kozinski has considered that the song is protected by the federal law on a freedom of speech as is than other as a parody and the social comment.

"Company Mattel has created not simply Barbie's doll, and a certain symbol of modern culture, — the judge confirms. — and celebrities often become object of the attention let even undesirable".

Parody to Barbie and Ken

By the way, recently saw in cult night club the girl similar to Barbie. There can be company Mattel on it too in court will submit?

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