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In India there will be a variant of a doll of Barbie

Katrina Kaif

In India in September, 2009 Barbie's local doll will go on sale. About it The Daily Telegraph newspaper on April, 22nd writes.

The American company Mattel has dated the decision on release of the Indian variant of Barbie for the 50 anniversary of the character. A doll have created in March, 1959.

Barbie's Indian doll

24-year-old Indian movie star Katrina Kaif becomes a prototype for new Barbie. Film critics notice that Kaif gives special charm a combination of a light skin to classical Indian features. The actress has declared what to become Barbie's prototype — a great honour to it.

This year company Mattel has already let out Barbie which image is similar to German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Indian movie star Katrina Kaif

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