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Barbie's manufacturer has defended copyrights

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The Californian court recognised validity of claims of company Mattel, the manufacturer of a doll of Barbie, to other founder of toys, firm MGA Entertainment, writes BBC News.

On a court verdict, the idea of dolls Bratz Dolls has arisen at employee MGA in an operating time in Mattel. Item Mattel was based that on all created the company had copyrights. Carter Bryant worked in Mattel in 1995-1998 and 1999-2000. MGA insisted that задумка about new dolls has appeared at it just in an interval between these two periods.

Now Mattel can expect for mullions-strong indemnification for infringement of copyrights as MGA earns on Bratz Dolls about 500 million dollars a year. Thus MGA in general it can be forbidden to sell this type of dolls.

MGA insists on sketches

It is supposed that chief executive MGA Isaac Larian will insist that dolls have been created by designers MGA only on the basis of drawings, and, hence, the company has copyrights to them. Such item can essentially reduce the sums of fines.

Basing in California Mattel is the largest manufacturer of toys in the world. Its annual net profit makes about billion dollars. Company capitalisation exceeds 6 billion dollars. After news about a prize of process at MGA shares Mattel were lifted for 4,4%.

Barbie vs Bratz, or MGA vs Mattel

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