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Michael Keaton will sound Barbie's boy friend

Michael Keaton

Actor Michael Keaton will sound in a cartoon film "Toy Story 3" Ken's doll, Barbie's boy friend, informs IESB.

Earlier Keaton sounded one of characters of cartoon film Pixar of "Cars".

Jodi Benson, the actress who sounded earlier the Water-nymph in Disney's cartoon film, becomes Barbie's "voice". Earlier Benson already sounded Barbie in "Toy Story 2". The director of a film becomes Lee Unkrich, were the co-author of such known cartoon films, as "Monsters, Inc.", "Finding Nemo" and "Toy Story".

Toy Story in process...

Let's remind that "Toy Story" became the first cartoon film completely simulated on the computer. In 1999 on wide screens there was a second part "Toy Story 2".

The release "Toy Story 3" is planned for June, 18th, 2010.

Official Movie Trailer Toy Story 3

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Michael Keaton will sound Barbie's boy friend + trailer