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Mattel Company represents the online Barbie, this world offers girls the possibilities similar to possibilities of the real adult world.

On the girls can create own virtual Barbie characters, create dresses for the virtual dolls, select an interior of Barbie rooms. BarbieGirls inhabitants can buy fashionable dresses and luxury furniture in the virtual trade complex.

The Virtual World for Barbie Fans

Representatives of Mattel assure, that the Virtual Barbie World is absolutely safe for girls. The web portal is developed with use of special filters which will carry out protection of the personal information of users. Thus the Mattel managers hopes to increase interest of modern girls to music, a fashion and the Internet.

Mattel undertakes considerable efforts to break-even sales level of a legendary brand. Because, the break-even sales level of classical Barbie dolls in the US market has decreased on 21%.

How to Register In the Barbie World

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