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The Japanese cars it is much more reliable English


English drivers consider as the most reliable cars of the Japanese manufacturers — such result has been received after interrogation of 15,000 automobile owners in England, spent magazine AutoExpress. And exclusively English marks have got to a three of the most unreliable cars — Rover 800, Land Rover Freelander and Rover Mini.

In too time the Japanese models have received 18 places from 20 most reliable cars. The three of the most reliable cars includes Toyota RAV4, Mazda 626 and Toyota Yaris. Roadster Porsche Boxster, and the fifth — sedan Lexus IS200 became the fourth on reliability. Company Honda with models Civic, Prelude and CR-V enters in 10 most reliable cars. Cars Peugeot 206 and Peugeot 307 occupy 15 and 16 places accordingly.

The Japanese motor-car manufacturer the most reliable in the world

"Results of interrogation clearly let know that if the reliable car is necessary to you — that you should buy the Japanese car," — the editor-in-chief of magazine Auto Express David Jones speaks. During too time, representatives Land Rover have declared that the updated versions of all models of this mark will receive serious improvements, including in respect of reliability. Company Rover, in turn, so has reacted to results of interrogation: "We had problems with quality of our cars some time ago. However now we give to this question much more attention".

Toyota Yaris — the most reliable Japanese car

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