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Princess of China

Barbie — the Princess of China

Very beautiful dolls Barbie from a collection of the Princess of the world — all are dressed in national clothes of the different countries and different epoch.

Doll Barbie is dressed in a royal charming dress, according to traditions of the Far East. Exotic the dress, a bright make-up and the thought over hair-dress, a crown, gold ear rings — make really royal impression.

Barbie — the Princess of Egypt

Egyptian princess

The Egyptian princess with magnificent black hair is dressed in a gold dress, with a white fabric round shoulders and a delightful necklace on a breast. Additional jewelry in the form of gold bracelets and a crown in the form of a snake — a symbol of ancient Egypt.

Barbie — the Princess of India

Princess of India

The princess of India is dressed in the most known type of the Indian clothes, made of an easy brilliant material. Since it is the princess the Indian princess should carry the gold medallion named tikka, is an ornament on a forehead.

Barbie — the Princess of Southern Africa

Princess of Southern Africa

The princess of Southern Africa it is proud carries the traditional dress. The Black-and-White dress of the princess is covered from above colorful ngurara (a bright blanket). In culture Ndebele fitting rings on a neck are considered as the most attractive and essential accessories. The South African princess carries bracelets standing and a neck, so-called izixolwana. Gold-red an ornament on a head and a mace in a hand let know, that it is the royal person.

Barbie — the Princess of the Ancient Greece

Princess of the Ancient Greece

The princess of the Ancient Greece carries magnificent, copper color the dress named "tunic" which flashes and is poured at bright light. The light easy cape is attached to the right shoulder by the gold pins executed in the form of a head of a lion. On a hand the princess carries a gold bracelet in the form of a snake and finishes a royal attire a gold crown.

Barbie — the Princess of Russian empire

Princess of Russian empire

The huge and mysterious earth of Russian empire the tsar and the tsarina and their daughter, the princess which was known as the Great Duchess operated. The ruling family possessed uncountable riches. This magnificent historical period is beautifully presented in the Princess of Russian empire. The doll is dressed in a traditional Russian dress of that time.

Barbie — the Princess of Japan

Princess of Japan

The princess of Japan of the end of 19th century. Though the Japanese princess often carries exotic suits for ceremonial events, today on the princess a traditional Kimono, fine for informal picnic far from a palace. The kimono with long sleeves of bright orange tones is decorated by a beautiful ornament. Green Obi (belt) will wrap up round a waist. The Japanese Barbie carries sandals Zori, and hair are decorated by three white florets.

Barbie — the Scandinavian princess

Scandinavian princess

The princess of an epoch of Vikings is independent and strong. The Scandinavian princess carries a beautiful brilliant dress in the spirit of that time (battle of legendary Vikings). Light hair are covered from above by a gold helmet with an ornament in the form of wings.

Barbie — the Princess of Korea

Princess of Korea

The princess of Korea wears the beautiful dress hanbok. It is standard to celebrate Sol Nal (New year), in the first day of spring which is also in the first afternoon of new lunar year.

Barbie — the Princess of Holland

Princess of Holland

The princess of Holland is dressed on a fashion of 17th century. From ornaments on the Dutch princess — a necklace with gold furnish, pearl bracelets and ear rings-teardrops. The princess of Holland a vein during time known as the Golden Age of art in Europe. Many known artists became known during this period.

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