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Hey hey heeeeyyy.............

At the movie theatre about to see "Snow White and the Huntsmen"

Whaddup y'all! I had a cool 'lax weekend kicking with the peeps i love the most. I went to the Italian festival with my moms and bestie and even thos it was a little cool outside we still enjoyed ourselves. My hair was totally misbehaving and i don't know wtf was going on with the curls but my hair was frizzing in some parts and totally doing what the hell it wanted to do.

The bestie and I

Moms,me,and my poofy ass hair!

Me,Bestie,and Moms :-)
I've been trying to get out and hang with fam & friends before i make my move back to Atlanta on Saturday (june 9th). I'm totally ready to hightail it on outta here and i'm NOT coming back to this city again unless someone gets married or dies :-I
Seems a little harsh but if you've ever lived here you'd totally understand lol. Anywho,i hope you all enjoy your day,it's raining on my side of the globe :-( Ciao xoxo

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