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My Natural Hair Attracts More White Men Then Anything Other Race....

HAPPY 4th!!!!! You read it right! It seems that most... I won't say ALL but MOST of the African American men in my AREA don't look at me twice which doesn't bother me when my hair is in it's natural state. I'm not really bothered by it much because I'm involved with someone and I could care less. It's just that I notice that when my hair is "au natural" I get hit on by like every race but MOSTLY white men and bien guapo. I mean I've been followed down aisles in Wal-mart,drinks have sent to me, notes left on my car, and it all happens when I rock "the fro" hahaha. If I was single I may have taken a number or two hehe.

It's not only men but women of other races that compliment my hair, they want to touch my hair, they stare at my hair but a lot (not all) african american men and women look at me like "WTF is going on with her hair" haha. The thing is.....I do and always have... liked looking different from everyone else, who wants to just "blend in" and be lost in the crowd?!!*BORING*

That's why I love being in Cali and other large cities like Chicago and Atlanta, because you walk down the street and there's so many free spirits who do what they want... lo que sea. I like to change my hair up, I like wearing lots of color (I'm latin what do you expect), I like sssooo many different kinds of music and that's just how I am and always have been. So I say to you all, rock your hair and style with pride! If a certain kind of guy isn't attracted to you because of your hair tell him to screw off chica because he's not going to be the type of guy that is going to accept you for who you really are. Tell me... has anyone else ever experienced anything like this? I can't be alone here lol

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