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It's OK To Play With Clay

Hola Chicas! I have decided that clay will be a staple in my hair and skin care regimen Yes... after trying them on my hair and skin the other day I am officially hooked. The other day when I went to Maggie's Farm I not only picked up some teas but I also picked up a couple different mask to try on my hair and face. After reading and researching Bentonite & French Green Clay I decided to test it out and I'm so glad I did! Here's some info on what the Bentonite Clay does for you hair:

  • Acts like a magnet to draw all the toxins,dirt,&yuckiness from your scalp and hair.
  • Leaves hair UBER soft and manageable.
  • Temporarily stretches & defines your curl pattern
  • Contains a high percentage of Iron & Silica
  • Leaves hair clean yet not stripped

This clay is great for ANY hair texture and I strongly recommend it. I'm so glad I tried this, I now plan on doing this treatment on my hair twice a month along with my Henna Treatments that I do monthly. I believe doing both will yield great results! I also am amazed by how beautiful the French Green Clay left my skin.

I remember seeing people getting face mask at spas but never thought anything of it until now. This mask is really something special, when I washed it off,my face instantly looked "cleaner" and brighter. I'm really trying to improve my skin care regimen and I want to create a solid natural one that I will stick to. So far this mask is all I have for now, as I am still experimenting to see what works for my oily skin. Here are some benefits of the French Green Clay for skin:

  • GREAT for oily skin
  • Removes dead cells & promotes blood flow
  • Removes impurities as it tightens skin
  • Great for treating acne
  • Treats bruises,scars,and insect bites

Now from what I read, only oily skin benefits from the mask but you can still use it for acne spots and such so if you have oily skin like me ADD this to your regimen ASAP. I can't stop talking about how awesome my skin felt and looked afterwards. Check out the video I made below to see how I mixed and applied both of these treatments:

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