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Learning To Accept ME

You know for many years I thought I was not pretty. Even though people would tell me all the time that i was pretty i still felt that there were so many things about me that weren't perfect... that were "flaws". When i was younger.....specifically when i was in the 6th grade. Kids used to pick on me, i was skinny,always wore dresses(nothing changed there lol), and i was told i "Talk funny". I used to long to be one of the "pretty girls" so that people would "like me". Thing is now i see those guys and they wanna date me, i see those girls and they want to hang around me and i think back to when those same people made fun of me... I smile and keep it moving. I've been pre-judged so many times by so many people then they get to know me and are like "you're so fun and sweet... i thought you'd be a bitch for sure" smh.

People change... I've changed and I'm liking the new me... well almost. I'm still upset with myself for getting to the weight i'm at. This is the biggest i've EVER been in my LIFE but we will save that for another post ;-)
The point is, i feel like no one can tell me anything about me that is going to bring me down... not even my weight. I am totally happy with the decision i made to go natural and refuse to let anyone make me feel bad about cutting off my hair. I've set goals for myself....I have a hair goal,a weight goal, a career goal, a family goal, all these goals that i am certain i will achieve. Now that I am happy in my own skin and have accepted all that i am. i know i will achieve those goals because i won't doubt myself anymore.

What you should take from this is....don't let anybody attempt to define you, tell you what you should look like,or what you should be. Once you accept and know who you are things will be much easier for you to handle in life. You have to love yourself first. Have a good one y'all :-)

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