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I made it through Monday...

...and all I got was this lousy blog post.

Yesterday was a whole bunch of "lots to do" at work blended with a heavy helping of complete and utter uselessness. I had a weekly report due. Mistakes I didn't even realize I'd made came back to haunt me. I felt guilty for taking this Friday off for the zillionth time. And it all got finished/resolved/absolved, but...

Yinz, can I be a little whiny for a minute? Indulge in a little medical overshare and self-pity, perhaps? I am tired.

After I got out of the hospital in October, I was supposed to start taking iron supplements. Because of the internal bleeding, I have "temporary anemia" -- not nearly as cool as temporary amnesia, which I think could be quite a trip -- and in order to avoid these symptoms, I'm supposed to take the little red pills they gave me. Except it's hard for me to remember. Oh, and it isn't just forgetfulness. I also loathe them.

I stopped taking them around Thanksgiving, about the time I started cutting back on my coffee habit. You see, in the beginning I put the pills right next to our Keurig, and I took them every morning. But since I fell off the wagon, I haven't hopped back on. It's been, what, 10 days since I stopped taking them? Between the headaches and the occasional shakiness and the general sense of "must nap now," I think I need to start again.

I can't imagine what it's like for people who have serious chronic medical conditions. This is a temporary thing, and it's quite mild. But it's given me a whole new appreciation for my health (perhaps I should put that appreciation into action and actually take the damn pills).

Oh, and per friend and fellow blogger Abby's suggestion, I have started eating a small breakfast for the sole purpose of drinking coffee again sans scorching heartburn. So the hated pills will go right next to the Keurig again, and between the iron and the caffeine, I should be back on track soon.

Please to come back tomorrow for a much more fun, festive post!

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