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Interview with Brenda, owner of Just Fab Cosmetics!

I have had the privilege of getting to know Brenda, the owner of Just Fab Cosmetics. She is a wonderful, good hearted person and if you read my blog then you already know how much I love her products. I would buy them all if I could.
My favorites so far- Pigment- Cookie Monster Pigment- Sunshine Pigment- Diamond Just Fab setting spray Just fab primer (eyes) Here is my interview with her: 1) What products do you sell? The "Just FAB Cosmetics" product line currently offers Foundation, Eye Shadow/Liner, Blush, Bronzer, Mineral Veil, Color Corrector, Eye Primer, Setting Spray, Pigments, and more to come!
2) Why did you start Just Fab cosmetics? I really wanted to start a makeup line that is high quality makeup at affordable prices.
3) What is the best thing about your products? My product are natural, cruelty free, and made with love. You will not find any Nano Particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Parabens, Fragrances, Petrochemicals in my mineral makeup.
4) What health/safety practices do you follow when making your products? I always sterilize any equipment, tools, jars, sifters and my workspace before use or packaging products. I always wear a mask and latex free gloves when making and packaging products as well.
5) Do you wear makeup on a daily basis or do you wear it mostly when you go out? I don't always have time to put my makeup on. I am a mother first and foremost to 2 wonderful kids so I wear makeup 3 or 4 days out of the week.
6) Tell us a little about you personally..your etc. I am a mother of two kids that are 5 and 1 years old. I have a wonderful man in my life and we have been together for about 7 years now. I spend most of my time with my family, playing with the kids. They grow up so fast I don't want to turn around and wonder where the time went so I spend as much time with them as I can. My favorite things to do is create makeup. I love what I do so I'm always wanting to create more and more. I also paint and draw in my spare time and I will soon be teaching my son how to play the guitar because he got one for Christmas. I'm really looking forward to that.
7) What is your business philosophy? My mission is to combine high quality cosmetics with excellent customer service. I offer a large selection of handmade cosmetics with many choices in sizes, shades and colors to meet everyone personal needs. Everything is free of Nano Particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Parabens, Fragrances, Petrochemicals in my mineral makeup. The "FAB" in Just FAB Cosmetics stands for "Fabulous and Beautiful" which we all are. Every single one of us is fabulous and beautiful in our own right no matter our height, what we weigh, what color our skin tone is. It all doesn't matter because we are who we are and that's fabulous and beautiful. I strive to make my makeup as fabulous and beautiful as my customers and high quality because that what they deserve. There is a saying that I created a long time ago when I wrote poetry and it's "Imperfection is the only perfection, without it we wouldn't know beauty." This is my saying and I believe every word of it. We are all imperfect therefore we are all perfection and we are all beautiful.

Brenda's work-

Isn't she "Just Fab?!?!"

I love this girl and you will too..Stop by and see her today. Just Fab Cosmetics Links.!/JustFabCosmetics?fref=ts 100% percent positive feedback on Etsy!

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