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Wigs As a Protective Style: "Sabina"

In the rainy months and the cold months i tend to get lazy with my hair. The rain will cause it to frizz constantly and the cold weather can wreck havoc as well. I find that hiding my hair under a wig protects it, I wash and wrap my hair,put a wig cap on and place the wig on. I like half wigs because i can blend them with my hair for a more natural effect. The wig i have on in this picture is by Outre and its called "Sabina". I absolutely loooove it! This is an old picture, i took this picture in October 2009 and even did a youtube tutorial/review on my old youtube channel(i will place the link later).

Wigs let you change your look up, one week you can have hair that sweeps your shoulders and the next you can rock a Halle Berry style wig! Its sssooo much fun! Give it a try and give your hair a "vacation".

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