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January Birchbox

Birchbox time!!!!!

I am trying really hard to be excited for yall, however, I think this will be my last Birchbox folks. I started with it and switched to Ipsy but kept both. I love Ipsy so much more. Tired of Birchbox sending tea, I could care less!!! I want makeup and skin care not something to drink or eat!!! In any case, below is what I received.

3 tea samples. I may drink them, I know some tea is really good for you. I have just never been a tea drinker. The flavors in my box are: Peach and passion fruit, English tea, and Mint Mystique.

La Fresh nail polish remover wipes. 2 of them.
I used one already and it did not take off my glitter polish. I will try the other on regular polish. I do love nail polish remover wipes. I have only heard of this brand because I have had some makeup remover wipes from them that I found in my hotel room a few times. Have you heard of this brand??

Camille Beckman Glycerine Hand Therapy
Smells good but kind of like a mans cologne. I am very picky bout what lotions I like on my hands so we shall see.

Fruit Pigmented Mascara
Lash conditioning that thickens with real fruit pigments. It says it is good for sensitive eyes.
Now this is new, never heard of this. Have you???

Serge Normant -dry conditioner
Follow up to dry shampoo. This I am interested to try as I have a dry shampoo that I love.

Well disappointed with this box. I do have some things from past Birchboxs that I will be giving away or using as makeup auctions in the very near future.

I will let you know how the dry conditioner works!!


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