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Lovely Beauty Box- Overview of some of the products!

Hello friends,

I wanted to let you know how some of the Lovely Beauty Box products have been working for me!!! Overall, I am very pleased with how they work.

* Crush mini travel size-

This works so well on my bangs and fits so nicely in my purse!!! I was surprised since it is so small, but since I just added bangs, I will be using this often! Anyone would benefit from this, I think. You can use it to flip bangs under, touch ups, and smooth frizzies!

* Crush ceramic flat iron 1 inch.

I like the ceramic plates because they are less damaging than other flat irons! However, this just wouldn't do much to my very thick, curly hair. If you are doing touch ups, or have mostly straight (probably even just wavy) hair than it would work just fine.

* " It's a 10 miracle" hair products- Hair mask & Serum.

These hair products did as they said they would. Shine, soften, smooth, less frizz, etc. For my hair, cheaper products usually work just as well. If your hair needs "salon quality ingredients", then I would definitely try them out. Look for sales or a coupon though! This would be a good time to save and use your CVS extra bucks!

Arosci High Beam Shine Treatment- "Aromatherapy & Science" "Silicone rich formula delivers illuminating shine"

A little goes a very long way. However, I didn't find anything better about it than the Sally's brand "Proclaim" that I already use. Though I am wondering if it would be better for your hair over time...

* Pureology Precious Oil-Shamp'oil & Precious oil softening condition samples. "For brittle, dull, color-treated hair". Key ingredients are- sunflower, coconut, olive& jojoba oils.

I saw this on the news as one of 2012’s top 3 products! I love that it has so many natural ingredients in it and love the way my hair feels afterwards!

* Diamond Shine full size Moisturizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner. "2x more shine and strength"

I am not big on using shampoo (not using shampoo has totally helped to change the life of my hair, and I get it just as clean with conditioner) but I did use this. Although, I probably won't purchase the shampoo, it did work great, and I would totally recommend it to anyone. A little is all you need, so this bottle would last forever. When I say a little, I mean it… just use a pea sized amount. You will love not having to buy shampoo/conditioner often!

The conditioner is amazing!!! I think it works so well for my hair because it has humectants in it. Years ago, I Googled my dry, frizzy hair, and the web site, (sorry don't remember which), said to use a product with Humectant in it… so I started using Suave with Humectant. Lucky me that such a cheap brand worked better than an expensive brand for me. It was one of the things I did to change the life of my hair. So, with Diamond shine having this product… it worked great. I didn't even need to use my detangler so there’s one step in my routine saved. I will probably switch to this instead of the suave, since it’s a much better value for your money as well as not having to use detangler. Thank you Lovely Beauty Box for introducing me to it. I will be trying their other products as well!

* Cuccio naturale butter. "Hydrating butter blend for hands, feet, and body."

I love these!!! They didn't leave me feeling greasy, which I can't stand feeling. The scents are light and not over powering. There was one scent that I didn't care for as much, but overall, super product!

MAC gel cleanser

OMG this stuff is amazing!!! My niece and I had been playing makeup, and she likes to do "silly" makeup… don't ask! Anyway, I grabbed this stuff, and it quickly took it all off, (not before a picture was snapped, unfortunately!). It came in handy at the perfect time.

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics-Lip Liner pencil in Truly Red

Works well as a lip liner. I still prefer the kind that automatically roll up, but if you like pencil form, this would be a good one to try. You can find much cheaper types that work just fine too, but who doesn't like to try a little higher end now and then! Since I'm not that big on lip liner, I will save my high end for other things though!

A little of the serum goes a very long way!
If you rinse your hair in very hot water before you apply the mask, it will open your cuticle and close it with a cold water rinse to help lock in that moisture!

I am so sorry that I am so behind on my blogging! So much going on!

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