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New web site to connect bloggers to companies for reviews!!!!

Hello everyone,
I recently met Jessica who is with and have something all of my friends who blog are going to be ecstatic about!

As you know our readers count on us to try products and let them know how to use them and how they work (I am sure you don't mind the sacrifice!) Really though, It is hard sometimes to find companies who will send you products. This new web site does all the leg work for you and connects bloggers to brands who want their products reviewed! They are just getting started but have tons on interest from bloggers and brands already. Read below and sign up now!!

1) Who is and what is your mission?

We have a simple mission to connect brands and bloggers together, the idea came about through running our own brand cutey. We would have to manually trawl through thousands of pages to look for suitable bloggers we wanted to work with and then make contact.

The services available to brands were expensive, inaccurate and hated by bloggers due to how much spam and hassle they gave.

So our mission was simple, to create a low hassle, automated system using the very latest technology.

2) How long has BBloggers been around?

We've only been around 4 days and already have over 1000 bloggers signed up.

3) You are helping us, how can we help you?

Sharing about the service would be a great help, we've had massive growth but need more!

4) Will there be a membership fee to use your site?

There are absolutely no fees and bloggers will never be charged anything.

5) How will your site help me as a blogger?

We help you by taking out the hassle of brand -> blogger interaction allowing you more time to do what you set out to do blog!

6) Do you currently have any companies ready to work with bloggers or when do you see this interaction taking place?

We don't launch to brands for another week and a half but we've already had lots and lots of interest. At the moment it looks as though we will have a lot of great quality brands working with us.

Our system works a bit like EHarmony would, matching blogger and brand together based on a large amount of information and criteria, meaning companies get great value and bloggers are completely hassle free.

- Jessica with

Well, there you have it. Let's sign up and see what this is all about. Make sure you post this blog and help your fellow blogging friends get in on the action too. The more we try, the more we can recommend good products !

The web site looks very professional, which is a good sign for us!

- Kerrie

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