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No More "Google Connect"!! Don't Fret, Here's How To Stay Connected With Me!

Yes that's right gals/guys, google is taking away google connect on March 1st ! If you're super late finding this out(like me) then you are probably panicking right now. I JUST found out they are taking it away but from what i understand they are only taking it from people who do NOT use blogger as a blogging platform. Here i thought we(different blogging platforms) could all get along and stay connected with each other but nnnnoooooo google HAS to run everythang sheesh man! It kinda makes me feel like Google is the Albert of the web (Danny Glover) from "Color Purple" when he was trying to tear the sisters apart.

But i'm not going to let that happen, i'm going to make sure we stay connected y'all. Google wants to direct you to Google+ but like no one is using google + so i don't want to do that. I have a personal google+ but have no clue how to navigate it. I will create one for just to have one but i will just have it there to direct people to my blog.

I have taken down the google connect widget to encourage my new & old followers to subscribe through the other options. I will also send out a newsletter now and a few days before they officially do away with the non-blogger followers. If you are a non-blogger subscriber you will continue to receive updates on my blog until March 1st,blogger users will continue to receive updates as usual.

I have added some new widgets(look to the left bar) in hopes that they will help you all can stay connected with me. I appreciate you all SO MUCH and i don't want to loose any of you *wipes tear*.

Please subscribe/follow me through any of the following options:

*Follow me on Bloglovin

*Follow me on

*Follow me on Twitter

*Subscribe through for email updates (located on the side bar)

*Subscribe to my youtube channel

I also have a facebook fanpage that i plan on updating more often, i haven't quite figured out how to add it to my blog. I've been trying since i started this blog but it never loads properly. Please do not be offended if you send me a request to my personal facebook page and i do not accept. My facebook is very private and i have it mainly for my family.

I'm trying to make sure i have all the basis covered, I even joined stumbleupon lol. I will go through my followers and make sure i follow you all through bloglovin and any other possible way to make sure i don't loose ya. I also plan on adding the link to THIS post to every post i do for the month of February. If you all have ANY questions feel free to ask/comment. Thank you so very much xoxo.

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