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Support Matt Bailie & Win a great prize!!

Hello!! T ime for a awesome prize again. (Look for the photo on the right "current giveaway".) Open to everyone!

I happened upon this country singer a while back on Facebook and he was so kind as to send some autographed cd's to auction for our adoption fund. We have kept in touch and I have fallen in love with his voice and music! He just launched a kick starter campaign to support the production & release of his sophomore album & video!!!

My prize on this blog is not for donating your money but your time, although it would be greatly appreciated (even a small amount will make a difference!) by helping to spread his name, music and campaign around.

You can read all about it here and here a message from him:

IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER about his project:
This project will only be funded if at least $10,000 is pledged by .
Remember, if we don’t reach the $10,000 goal in 30-days, you don’t get charged, we don’t receive any of the money you’ve pledged, and this project won’t make it to the public… This is an “all or nothing” deal. Become a backer, be a part of the Matt Bailie music experience.

I know some of you will be tempted just to enter for the prize and go about your life, but I really hope you will show him support and stick with him through his journey. I guarantee he is going to be a household name and you would have been right there at the beginning to push him along!!!! We all need support!

* If you do make a donation, Please let me know at makeupartistkerrie along with whatever prize you will get according to his program (look at donation amounts to see what you will receive if anything), I would like to send you a little something as well.

Please see the prize next to the post (blogger still won't let me drop a photo within a post!)
More about him here >>

Web site:


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