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Change Of Diet??

Hello lovelies! I've been thinking that i need to change my diet up some more. I know i have my days when i may splurge (yesterday i had one light beer and chex mix) but it's not something i do often. Throughout the week i am strict on myself when it comes to food. I eat breakfast, a banana or apple as a snack, my lean cuisine for lunch, another healthy little snack and a light dinner and I workout 4-5 days a week. Now i have lost the 3lbs i gained while in Atlanta last month PLUS 2 extra pounds so that's good. I just feel like i need to be stricter on myself to make sure i get to my goal weight before May. I am buying my juicer this Friday so i can juice some veggies because i swear i don't eat enough of them.

My clothes are falling off and my brother thinks i am "obsessing" over weight loss but its much more than just loosing weight, it's about being healthy too. I know it takes time i just want to make sure i am doing what i can to get there a little quicker. I was on YouTube one night and stumbled on a few videos talking about this very promising diet called "The Dr. Dukan Diet".

This is not a fad diet at all, check the video below they can describe it waayyy better than i can. I will let you all know once i receive my book and begin the diet,have an awesome day!!

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Change Of Diet?? + weight loss regimen