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Baby Banana Food Deep Conditioner

Hey y'all Sundays are my off day and usually the day i do full clean up on the house from top to bottom and also the day i baby my hair. Well I decided i wanted to try the baby banana food treatment I saw on hell notes for beauty and roller-set my hair as well. I put a jar of baby food into a bowl along with a tablespoon of honey and coconut oil.

  • Coconut Oil: High moisture retaining capacity on hair, and it makes the hair soft. Coconut oil is a far better conditioner for hair than ANY synthetic one on the market! (fact)
  • Bananas: Contains vitamins that help soften the hair and protects the hairs natural elasticity therefore preventing breakage and split ends.
  • Honey: Honey is a natural humectant that traps moisture in the hair, smoothes the hair cuticle, and gives a nice shine.

So I applied the mixture to my hair and left it on 45 minutes, afterwards i rinsed it out with lukewarm water then followed up with a deep conditioner and sat under my bonnet dryer for 45 minutes( see why it takes me all day to do my hair smh). I then rinse everything out with ice cold water (to help seal the hair cuticles), apply kinky curly knot today leave in and roller-set my hair. The results.............

Pretty,soft, bouncy hair :-)

Overall i give this treatment 5 stars! I will definitely be doing this twice a month, I'm super pleased with the results! Give it a try, your hair will be begging you for more!! ;-)

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