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Pretty Spring Polishes For CHEAP!!

Hello sweeties! I haven't been unavailable for the past week my computer was sick :-( Yes honey, I had so many viruses the computer guys told me they needed an extra day to fix it. I was so lonely without my "baby", I don't know what to do with myself when I don't have my laptop. I have to catch you gals up on what I've been doing this past week or so but FIRST... check out the deal I got on these polishes. When I got out of church, I didn't want to go straight home but I assumed everything was closed since it was Easter until I saw all the cars parked in front of Big Lots.
I haven't been in that place in sssooo long but since I was bored I scooted on in to pass time. I went to their "beauty aisle" and I saw these little pretty polishes by ELF cosmetics for $4.50. I have a few things from ELF and they have worked out ok so I decided to give these a whirl. I wanted to find a color that match the Gelish nails I had and the little pack came with a VERY SIMILAR color! I hope you enjoy..Check out the color samples on my nails in the pic below :

from right to left:

  1. no name on the bottle sawy :-(
  2. lilac
  3. mango madness
  4. fuchsia
  5. purple please (sample not shown)

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