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Lovely Beauty Box- APRIL

So many subscription companies popping up! I have tried a few and heard about many others. The one I love the most, is the LOVELY BEAUTY BOX. The products are unique, work very well and typically you get more than your 20$ monthly cost!

In Aprils box, I received the following:

Mama vegan soap:
The brochure says it is hand-crafted with olive, coconut and palm oils... I'm already in love by the ingredients! 8$ to 9$ each bar. They recommend cutting into thirds to prolong the life of the bar. My legs get really, really dry so I hope this will help. I typically don't use bar soap but I will try this one out.

Mama vegan body lotion:
Ingredients in this are olive, oil, unrefined natural Shea butter and mango butter. WOW. This line has some great things in it. I am so excited to get and try this. Don't you love when companies care enough to put quality ingredients in the things they make? Makes such a big difference! 4oz 9$ or 8oz 15$ sizes.

They offer a sample pack 30$ including shipping and some delicious looking lip balms. Under 4$ each.

Shower Puff.
Who doesn't love these?!?!!? I replace them often, don't want to wash my body with germs! I think you can clean em, but I just replace good timing Lovely Beauty Shop, I needed a new one!

I also received to tea samples. Now I am not really a tea drinker... but isn't that the point of these subscription companies, to try stuff we don't normally? I received a "detox" and "be cool". Looks about 16$ to 19$ online for a container of it. I will give em a shot!!! Don't forget to check out LOVELY BEAUTY SHOP web site..I hope my link takes you to the owners photo, isn't she gorgeous??? Make sure you LIKE her facebook page and tell her I sent you!!!/LovelyBeautyTips They love tweets also, so send them a tweet @ I will keep you updated on the products! Make sure you search through my blog for past reviews ! -Kerrie

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