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Louboutin has presented Barbie's shoes

Barbie's shoes

In company Mattel have decided, that for celebrating of the 50 anniversary a doll which competitors have died, not having lived and till ten years, Barbie does not have worthy accessories. It was offered to best designers to sew festive attires for the beauty, and to create footwear the name of this lucky beggar — Christian Louboutin has been entrusted only to one person.

"I always knew, that in me there is a latent female essence which is fan of Barbie, - the designer tells, — And, to this my nature, vital to carry excellent shoes because it is necessary for each girl to carry excellent shoes".

Christian Louboutin

Christian leaves autographs only on personally made footwear.

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Louboutin has presented Barbie's shoes + shoes