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Don't Put Those Skirts & Shorts Away Yet!

Hey everyone, I go back to work today :-( but at least it's Tuesday just a step closer to the weekend. Since the temp has dropped I was looking through my closet trying to decide on what to pack away and what to hold onto a little longer. I'm not ready to let go of my skirts and shorts so I decided to order some new tights to wear under my skirts,dresses and shorts. I think pattern tights are so fun and they can give a plain outfit a lot of personality

1. 2. 3.

Shorts and tights remind me of one of my favorite childhood tv shows "Blossom"! My friend Toni and I used to wear shorts,tights,and the big hat with the flower on it. We thought we were hot stuff hahaha....well I still wear the shorts & tights MINUS the big flower hat lol.


Now leggings tend to be my savior! With me having such a big backside, leggings will stretch and smooth everything out for me as long as they are a GOOD quality pair. I'm smitten by the ones below, I will definitely be ordering some of those oh how I love the fall :-)

Well I hope this little post inspired some of you... have a great tuesday fam!! :-D

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Don't Put Those Skirts & Shorts Away Yet! + shorts and tights