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Mo' Doggies, Mo' Problems.

I love love love my Bailey and Teddy with all my heart, forever and ever, amen. And I also happen to think that they're pretty darn adorable.

But saints alive, over the past month they've put themselves (and me) through the wringer.

Remember this nonsense?

Puffy eyes, ginormous nose, swollen tongue. Suspected spider bite. Yeah, that was right before Christmas.

Heyyyy, look who decided to join in the fun this week!

What fresh hell?
Poor Teddy woke up on Tuesday morning looking like a moose with pink eye. His nose was enormous, and those peepers were splotchy and swollen. He had some angry red patches all over too -- doggy hives. Time for more massive doses of Benadryl.

(Compare this to how he looks in the first photo, and you'll have some idea of the massive PUFFness)
He's better now, but dude. Seriously. It's not as if we leave dangerous chemicals, poisonous houseplants, or anything else that could possibly be an obvious danger to dogs lying around.
Truthfully, the best guess I can give here is another spider bite. These incidents occurred in different (clean!) houses, so it's not like anyone has an arachnid infestation... it's just that my puppies, like most golden retrievers, stick their noses in everything. And when those things include nasty little critters, their noses bear the brunt of the punishment.
It's scary stuff!
Kyle deep-cleaned our back room, where they sleep and spend their time while we're at work. And of course, there was nary a spider to be found (maybe Ted ate it? Ick.)
They're both in fine form, back to their normal bouncy selves.

And I have once again realized the wisdom in, ahem, NOT adding a third dog to our little family pack. A soon-to-be-baby will be quite enough for now, thank you.

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