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Dinner w/Debz: Naan Bread Pizza w/The Girlies

I had a splendid weekend! Saturday I went out with my girl Halimah to this AWESOME club called "Stella Maria's". I couldn't believe how much i LOVED this place. The ONE club in Memphis that i can see myself partying at!

Halimah & Me
On sunday i had an early lunch with a good friend of mine at Ghengis Grill. I love this place,i've met people who said that they lost weight by eating Ghengis Grill EVERYDAY and i can see why. It can be pretty healthy if your choose you meat,veggies,and starch correctly. Here's what i had:

Chicken,brown rice,bell peppers,broccoli,onions,few shallots,and a few strips of beef YUM!

Nice and full :-)

Later in the day i took my girl Kristie thrifting with me and my mom. It was her first time and i must say i have created a MONSTER! She was instantly HOOKED! So hooked that Monday she went BACK on her lunch break from work lmao. Thrifting is quite addictive so i should've expected this lol.

Now the HIGHLIGHT of my weekend was making dinner for my girlies. I love trying new recipes and this one was suggested to me as i was checking out at Whole Foods. The girl checking out my groceries sees that i have a package of Naan bread which i usually eat with food or sometimes make gyros with. She says to me " Have you ever tried Naan PIZZA" I was like "NO what is it?!!"!! Excited i came home googled it then told my girls they were going to be my guinea pigs lol. The pizzas turned out DELISH!!

Check out the video below,we were acting a lil silly and that's what made it so much fun haha have a great day y'all! xoxo

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Dinner w/Debz: Naan Bread Pizza w/The Girlies + weightloss and exercise