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Skin care

Hello ladies!
The older I get, the more I realize the importance of taking care of your skin. When you look better, you feel better..and that's not vain it boosts your self-esteem and gives you more confidence in yourself!

My routine is as follows:
1) Wash face with my liquid cleanser. (make sure your hands are clean)
2) Exfoliate! I use a light exfoliate every few days or so, although some you can use daily!
3) Moisturizer. Heavy at night, lighter during the day. (Don't forget sunscreen daily)
4) Lifting eye cream
* Right now I'm really into oil of olay firming night cream, I can apply it all around my eyes without it running into them. I always try different products though, just need to consistently use that product to really see results. These products don't always have to be expensive. Dove makes a great moisturizing bar soap and Clean & Clear makes some great liquid face washes. Find what works best for YOUR skin.
See, 4 easy steps. Five minutes and I'm done. You can do this during a television commercial, so no excuses! You take care of your nails, your why not your skin!

Some important tips to remember:
* Remove makeup at night, but also in the morning..a quick wash and moisturize. (sunscreen!). You can always find a moisturizer with sunscreen to save a step.
* Seek out advice within Internet searches or friends for problem areas. I for example, and about to start microdermabrasion at home for a red spot on my cheek. I will take pictures and track progress.
* Don't over exfoliate. Scrubbing too hard can irritate your skin and isn't necessary.

Products I like are:
* Clean & Clear liguid face washes.
* Dove moisturizing bar soap
* Skinlogics by Beauti control- Great line!
* Don't forget your lips, regular chap sticks are just flavored wax so look for a product that heals dry skin and helps to prevent wrinkles. I use Beauti Control's LipApeel to exfoliate and moisturize.

WATER WATER WATER. I can fully say, I am addicted to water. It is good for your skin, your body and your all over health. I use to hate the taste, but now my body craves it. Try flavored waters if your not use to plain.
Remember, beauty and health come from the inside out, both working together to make you feel, look, and be your best!

Don't forget 3 important rules.
2) Drink plenty of water.
3) Remove your makeup EVERY night and moisturize!
..and confidence is the key- what good is a beautiful face, if you lack confidence in yourself!


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