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Beach Blues

Taboga Island,Panama July 2010 (175lbs,transitioning hair)

I was looking through my facebook photo album and came across this old pic of me when i was living in my native country of Panama. My friends and I went to Taboga Island for a weekend of fun. I sssooo miss Panama! I LOVE the beach and i swear I've been going through withdrawal since I've moved back to the states. Also, i remember i was 175lbs in this pic because i went to the doctor a few days before and the doctor told me i was 175lbs and overweight for my height( 5'7). A few months later i dropped about 10lbs but i wasn't consistent with my diet at ALL(damn empanadas) and soon gained it back.

Me and Ilka 2010

The Girls and I

Ahhh good times, I am currently planning my next trip to Panama. I miss my fam & friends. Well,i'm off to do some d.i.y.'s i've been wanting to try,hope you all enjoy your Saturday :-)

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Beach Blues + taboga island