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This weekend was the birthday of my good friend Kristie, she had a birthday party at a local club and we really had a great time. I had no idea what to do with my hair for the party. I really wanted to wear it straight but didn't have time to go through the motions of getting it straight since i worked late on saturday. When i got off i went to my local b.s.s. to purchase a half wig. I wanted to try something new but i felt i should go with what i know is going to look good since its so last minute. I ended up with ol faithful "Izzie", she never lets me down lol.

Sunday was BEAUTIFUL, windy but pretty! Sunday i decided to go have a drink with my mom. She didn't want me to take any pix of her because her hair "looked bad" smh. It really looked quite awesome but she's a drama queen lol.

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