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Hello friends,

As you know I have a Makeup Artistry business, blog, twitter, Facebook page and all the above!
I am currently moving from blogger to Wordpress but I will have the same web address! Unfortunately, I don't believe I can transfer my readers over so unless you follow my RSS feed, you may lose my posts (until you follow me over there!) I have no choice but to do this as blogger is consistently giving me problems. I don't plan on fully shutting this blogger spot down until I get all you over to the new one. I can't lose ya!!!! :p

Once of the biggest problems I hear about, and sometimes face myself, is remembering to go to the blogs I love. I try to look through my feed, but I forget. I am currently setting up a email notification and when you sign up, you will get my new posts directly to your email, PLUS bi-weekly beauty tips straight to your inbox!
I hope you like this new feature I am adding to my business and I hope the bi-weekly tips help you. I know you all have requested beauty tips more then anything else you have asked for! I post them on my facebook page often as well and they are sometimes different, so it's best to stay in tune with both.

You can follow those posts and tips here Gorgeous-Glamour FB

P.S. If you are a blogger, or utilize Social Media for your business or hobby, I strongly suggest you are active on my FB page. I now post a "Share it Saturday" plus I have been learning so many helpful things about using social media, it may serve you well to follow and learn with me.

I am still getting this all set up and will send out another post when it is all finished! I am so excited and I hope you all will be as well!

Talk to you soon,


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