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DIY Lip Scrub


I am really enjoying trying DIY beauty treatments at home!!! Unfortuantly sometimes they are a fail but a lot of times they do work and I can save a little money or at the very least, not have to use all the extra things they put in our products that we don't need! Plus, they are usually pretty fun to put together.

I always remember to wash/exfoliate my face but sometimes I do forget that we need to exfoliate our lips! They help keep our lips soft, smooth, help prevent fine lines and help lipstick apply better! I love using lip scrubs and searched the internet for one to make. I liked several different "recipes" and came up with my own mix of the ones I found.
I hope you enjoy it as well... Seems to be working pretty good so far.

1 and 1/2 strawberry's
1 1/2 tablespoon regular sugar
2 small vitamin e capsules
* The little strawberry seeds helped scrub!

Another version:

Half a strawberry
A chunk of banana (eat the rest, it's good for you!)
1 1/2 tablespoon regular sugar
A small spoon of Vaseline

You can also substitute the vitamin e or Vaseline with the following:
A small spoon of Olive Oil (Good for mosturizing your face as well!)
A small spoon of Carmex. I haven't tried Carmex with it.
* I am not really sure the banana does much for the lips, however I have heard it is a great hair mask! It sure did make it taste and smell good. I love anything strawberry-banana!

* Slice/Chop your fruit up into very very small pieces
* Mix all ingredients together
* Apply on lips with finger or toothbrush
* Scrub for approx. 15 seconds. Make sure you get the skin area around your lips as well.
* Rinse thoroughly
* Keep covered in fridge about a week or so, remember it is fruit and will spoil. No one wants to put rotten fruit on their lips!!!
* Apply Lip Balm
I highly recommend Sally Hansen's Vitamin B Lip moisturizer. It feels like silk and quickly heals my chapped lips. I also like Blistex Revive & Restore. It contains Shea Butter and also SPF 15. There are two pots connected, one for night and one for day. This is a great product to keep handy!
* I do not recommend you use this if your lips are severely chapped! Try Vaseline or one of these others products mentioned until they are healed and then use the scrub. Also, be aware of any allergies you may have, this is just suggestions of what I've used.

I hope you guys like this. Try some other fruits and let me know what you think! Blueberries would be intresting and blackberries would probably be good since they have little seeds!

- Kerrie

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DIY Lip Scrub + love